Mt. Sneffels, Colorado | Cinematic Photography
"The wolf back there wasn’t all fangs and darkness and leaking terror. No. The wolf back there was writing to you while you weren’t looking. The wolf back there wanted to love you but kept doing it in the wrong way. And I know what your grandmother said, baby. I know I know I know, but there are sharp things here that want to be loved, too. They are constantly reaching, but they haven’t been taught gentle or soft. How long did you wait before you called them monsters? All those times you heard them howling and ran the other way. It was your name being sung the whole time, and you ran. Come back here. You don’t have to lay yourself out for anyone you don’t want to, but maybe this is a second chance. I know what it looks like from where you’re standing, but the shadows have a way of making beasts out of all the bravest men. Come back here if you are sick of running from the languages you don’t know. Try learning them instead. You never know what might feel right in your mouth instead of all the tired words you’re used to."
Y.Z, the beasts were carved out of the softness (via rustyvoices)

Cedar Key, Florida | Jesse Summers
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